WordPress Layout Terms Demystified (Quick Reference)

  Are you trying to understand what WordPress layout terms mean? Many beginners come across WordPress layout terms and vocabulary when working on their website. These are words used by designers and developers and average users may find them confusing. In this guide, we’ll explain some of the most commonly used WordPress layout terms. This will help you understand the lingo used for WordPress website layouts and work on your website like a total pro. Why Learn WordPress Layout Terms? WordPress themes control the appearance of your website. You can customize them by visiting the  Appearance » Customizer  page. All  top WordPress themes  come with options to modify your website design using customizer settings, but your options are limited depending on the theme. For even more flexibility, you can use  WordPress page builder plugins  like  SeedProd . SeedProd allows you to easily create your own custom layouts using simple drag and drop tools without writing any code. It also comes with